The Hemp Collective

We are 2 people who know there is a real need for people to hold a social and ethical responsibility to the earth and how businesses can be takers of resources of our natural environment.

We want to give new energy to the hemp marketplace by growing our own hemp and working towards complementing this with some of our quality hemp products. By doing this, we strive to support regional and sustainable production, making safe, high-quality goods, and be able to reinvigorate our society, by applying craftsmanship and quality that’s valued above over-consumption and standardization.

Hemp Collective’s products are of high quality and as affordable as we can when you compare ours with other similar brands (we aren't just about the profits), and we strive to be the best in our associated products fields.

Most importantly, we want to be able to build a sense of empowerment & community, as well as providing ethical consumption and cause-related purchasing to our customer base and supporting Australian Hemp production for the future.  

Thank you for reading,
Proudly Maxine & Mike Shea.
Founders of Hemp Collective & Fields of Hemp