24K Goddess Active Gold Eye Mask

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24K Goddess Perfecting Eye Masks are pure, golden goodness.

Take some time out for self care and giving to some love to the designer bags under your eyes. If it’s a perfecting luxe treatment pack that’s needed for you and your baes, 24k Goddess Perfecting Eye Masks are the golden goodness to desire.

Each rich, golden masks are infused with 24 karats of active gold, collagen and vitamin A to help improve the skin’s appearance, increase hydration, brighten, tighten, energise, soothe and create a goddess glow.
Now you’re all ready for a night out… or a night in with Netflix!

– Contains real gold
– Vegan
– Natural
– Contains collagen
– Single-use
– Comes with a side of sass and a selfie moment #goldsquadlife

Acacia Senegal (plant collagen), CI 77480 (gold), hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aqua, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, vitamin A, grape seed oil, plum extract, oat peptide, trehalose.